Building a Kentucky where Black people thrive! 

Inspired by the necessity to reverse the systemic failures that led to the death of Breonna Taylor, The 3003 Project works to build a Kentucky where Black people and communities thrive with the understanding that we all rise when we rise together. 

What We Do

The 3003 Project consists of three organizations. The 3003 Collaborative is a 501c3 that creates an educational non-profit focus on identifying and developing potential pro-Black political candidates. The 3003 Campaign (a 501c4) and The 3003 PAC (a 527) endorse and fund pro-Black candidates. Through a candidate focus, The 3003 Project impacts the political landscape through endorsements, candidate scorecards, public events, training, workshops and mentorship. The organization focuses on community through voter education, community listening sessions, and voting campaigns. The 3003 Project centers its political focus on advertising and promotion, town halls, and convening policy-makers around solutions.

Why It's Important

There is not currently a candidate development pipeline focused on pro-Black candidates or pro-Black issues in Louisville or the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are virtually no pro-Black political candidates in most Louisville and statewide elections. The 3003 Project amplifies the opportunity to:

  • Help elected officials understand Pro-Black policy issues
  • Helps the community become informed and encouraged to take action
  • Helps candidates build their agendas
  • Helps educate lobbyists work to influence legislation to benefit Black people on behalf of the business or groups they represents
  • Help Kentucky residents, in general.

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2024 Primary Election Scorecard Results

The 3003 Collaborative invited candidates in select democratic and republican primary races to complete a 10-question survey that measures candidates’ positions on policies and issues that would improve the lives of Black people and communities. At the link below are scorecard results for the 19 candidates who responded to the survey. These results are an educational resource to the community and do not serve as an endorsement of any candidate.

May 2024 Primary Election Scorecard Results
May 2024 Primary Election Candidate Survey

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