About Us

Project 3003 emerged from The Bingham Fellows Class of 2021. Reflecting on the events of 2020, including Breonna Taylor’s death and civil unrest in Louisville and across the country, the selected topic for the 2021 class was Belonging: Building a Culture of Inclusivity. The most diverse class in Bingham Fellows history came together to understand what a more inclusive Louisville could look like and arrived at one specific goal: to improve the lives of Black residents in our city (state/commonwealth?). Understanding that policy would be foundational to building wealth and political influence for Louisville’s Black residents, Project 3003 focuses on political empowerment through a Black agenda.

Named for Breonna Taylor’s address, Project 3003 will support policies to make inclusivity possible. Educating the public, building a pipeline of political candidates, endorsing political candidates, and lobbying for pro-Black legislation is essential to change the political systems and policies that have persistently and disproportionately impacted Black Kentuckians. Project 3003 will engage, empower, and equip our community and leaders to build a more equitable Kentucky.

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