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The 3003 Collaborative

The 3003 Collaborative provides education programs that broaden awareness of structural racism in Kentucky’s political system and public policies and their persistent and disproportionate impacts on Black Kentuckians.

Central to this work will be building a pipeline of pro-Black political candidates through a first of its kind training program that includes fundamentals on how to run for office – fundraising, policy development, public speaking, marketing.

2022 Primary Election Scorecard Results

The 3003 Collaborative invited candidates in select democratic and republican primary races to complete a 10-question survey that measures candidates’ positions on policies and issues that would improve the lives of Black people and communities. At the link below are scorecard results for the more than 30 candidates who responded to the survey. These results are an educational resource to the community and do not serve as an endorsement of any candidate.

May 2022 Primary Election Scorecard Results
May 2022 Primary Election Candidate Survey

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